Master Classes in Form Foundation

These classes are designed to establish a cognitive and emotional relationship with a form in its space. They can serve as a refresher course for established artists and they can lay a solid foundation at the outset of a new interest. The intuitive dialogue an artist enters into with a chosen medium is defined by the artists expectation.

Controlling Form

What do you want to accomplish when you pick up your tools? Do you want to create something beautiful? Or do you want to highlight a brutal truth? Or do you just want to forget about things for a while? These different outcomes are achieved with varying approaches to the use of form.

From Visual to Vision

In nature the few basic forms are translated into infinitesimal varieties and in sculpture we can do the same. We can use form to communicate the rarest of thoughts or we can call up transcendence through the feelings we awaken in our viewers.

Understanding a form comes from getting to know that form in recreating it. Understanding form in space comes from putting form in space and then standing back to experience that specific form in its particular space.

That’s when Art happens and that’s what we’re aiming for.

We want to put things in place in order for Art to happen.

Every insight, no matter where on the chronological line of development, branches off into creativity and where it is defined in Form or Colour or Sound or Movement or Thought can lead to Art. What you learn on this journey is how to reach that moment where the unknown is the next step and how to take it. The unknown is a constant that begs to be defined. It is a step that can only be taken in the passion of the moment of discovery.


For an established artist the value of these classes lie in the realignment of creative forces by going back to basics….. the basics of form as redefined by yourself when in dialogue with a shape in its primary form.

New to Sculpture?

The organic nature of creativity allows for great leaps in artistic dexterity. As a sculpture novice you get the same information as an established artist but more detailed and with more guidance.

In Practice

We work in Plaster of Paris and form shapes through a process of subtraction. Working in PoP is quick and easy and ideal for studies that can serve as maquettes for more resolved pieces.

Class Times

Form Foundation classes are four hour sessions. They start at 09:00 or 10:00 in the morning and 13:00 or 14:00 in the afternoon.

Class Fees

Form Foundation classes are set in form and content and cost R500.00 per four hour session, all consumables included. Tools will be available for use at class but will remain the property of the school. As the classes progress it will become clear which tools you should acquire for yourself. Fees are payable upfront for the month.